Ode to the old year

Why is everyone So obsessed with the new year? What is so enticing about a year that hasn’t even begun? Why the hurry to rush it in? Only God knows what it will bring! Amidst all this fanfare for the new year, I wish to talk about the year that has gone by! 2016… The year…


This post is written in response to the prompt ‘unseen’ at the daily post  Tantalisingly It beckons Promising untold pleasures Unbelievable treasures Fulfilment and glory Fun, Freedom & Fantastic stories Yet Clasped firmly  By shackles of silk Prisoner of Choices made lifetimes ago I remain   Craving for –  The  unseen  This post is written…


Need or desire Us or the life we have Love or old habit Togetherness or a tie Go on, Be specific! Cause words often lie. Written in response to the prompt ‘specific’ at the daily prompt.


Awakened rudely Hit by a jolt  Far from the shore In a boat of holes Rescue, I seek Yet behold nothing to hold to  But a rope Of empty words Knowing well The impeding end On hollow promises I depend This post written in response to today’s prompt ‘float’ on daily post . 


      Came across this Haiku Challenge in my friend Jacqueline’s blog. The weekly challenge is thrown by Ronovanwrites and the words this week were ‘water’ and ‘spin’


If you’re a believer, come in  Why should it matter  What you eat Where you live What clothes you wear How you tie your hair  How old you are Who your parents are What jobs they do How you cleanup after loo The colour of your skin The language you communicate in If you believe …

An Ode to the Old Year

Midway into December, I get a call from an unknown no. that flashes Scotland. Who do I know in  ‘Half the world away and at least twenty degrees colder Scotland?’ The only person that comes to my mind is Mukesh. I have never met Mukesh. Atleast not the way ‘met’ is understood traditionally.  I met…

A Wishlist

I wish to Chase ponies with golden manes Run through meadows that know no end Watch the sky as stars shoot out Run up a hill to breathlessly look down Listen to waves as they crash the shore In a strange land while all alone Stumble upon a childhood song Cool wind against my face…


Night murmurs Breaking the dream I hang By a thread Slumber turns her head Like a scorned lover Dawn tantalizingly beckons Revealing only glimpses Between two worlds Wakefulness and stupor Light and shadow Future and past Coveted yet unclaimed In a limbo I lie

Dragon For Tea : A haiku challenge

Came across this interesting Haiku Challenge based on a poem by Miss E – An Eight year old little girl. The two prompt words are ‘Dragon’ and ‘Invite’. Who could possibly pass up a challenge like that? Hope you like these Miss E 🙂

Bougainvillea Shower

  Amidst hot sand A pleasant bower Hushed hills Rope swing And Bougainvillea Shower   In my desert state where everything else refuses to grow, Bougainvilleas grow unabashedly. These unassuming vines add colour and lure to the otherwise brown summer landscape. Spent last evening under a riotous magenta Bougainvillea. 

The Word Eating Mongoose

He peeped at me , from behind the stone As if asking, what I was doing in his home I offered him a Chocolate treat Sort of like a ‘Thank-you for having me over’ gift The chocolate he scorned at “Even mongoose ‘ave got to maintain their weight Besides the give  and take must be…