Going Home

The Humble Wildflowers


Matchbox homes

The Cat on the Moon – Poetry Month

She had  dreams – Poetry Month

Barbed wires – Poetry Month

Words – Poetry Month


A Wishlist

The Umbrella Holder

The Word Eating Mongoose



The Drifter

Koel and Me

A Funny Thing

Stains from a Holiday

The Butterfly Tree

The Forgotten God

Don’t put the blame on me

Woman Just Look At They Sky

The Last Tree Standing – A Story



My Smelly Heart


A Bookworm in Italy

Audience of One – A letter to God

Travel Theme – Night


Touched By Love

Too Many Truths

Missing dreams – Note to a Sixteen Year Old Me

Two Subjects Today – Weekly Challenge

Travel Theme ‘Sunset’ – A Photo Essay

Travel theme ‘Changing Seasons’ – The Season of Pain

Murderous Dream


My Hands, Your Life – Free Verse

Why I Write

The Insanity of Dreams

Merged To Destroy

Colorless in my pallett

Bookworms in Italy

One of Those Days

My Age, My Olympic Medal


‘BFFs’ – ‘Besties’ Yes, ‘Forever’ No

The Mirror Beast

Am I Chasing The Wrong Dreams?

To The Women Of My World On Women’s Day

The King Who Built The Taj


Forgettable Memories

The Miracle Of Faith

Thank God For Friends

Just a Rhyme

Keep Out

Happy – With A Tinge Of Sad

The Future Tense of Death

Starting Over Again

Blue – A weekly Challenge

Poem On Growth Of Racial Hatred

Marriage – Guarenteed to work, Two Real Stories and some Poetry

Damn! Where did the morning go?

Learning From Britain

Foreign – In a Different Way

Another Girl, Another Headline

Journey – Weekly Challenge

Arrange – Weekly Challenge

The Prayer Of a Leaf

Bookworms In Italy – A little something For My baby Girl

I Am The Sea

The Search

Trying My hands At Limericks – Writing 201

Night – Travel Theme

Seeking ‘It’

Mr Black Tie – I see you

Two shells of Coconut

Time – The Healer

shshhhhhhh… The Words Are Asleep


I once Met a Tiger

Do You Have The Time To Live?

Are You Cursed With A Woman’s Heart?

A Little Girl Makes Headlines Again

The Day Of Divisions – When The faces came Off

The Lonely God


Prized Possessions

God Speaks


Skin – Prose Poetry


The Veil

The King Who built The Taj