Seven things about me…

  •  Unlike most women my age, I actually like being called an  aunty!
  • I am a social worker by training and have had a chance to work with all kinds of people – physically challenged, drug addicts, tribals, disturbed children. Its one of the best jobs out there and I enjoyed it while it lasted.
  • I cry easily. Movies, books, kids annual functions, strange people’s weddings. you name it !
  • I love thinking of new ideas and concepts. New marketing strategies, new methods for educating children but I get bored easily. No marks for persistence
  • I am a rice person. As a child , much to my North Indian family’s chagrin, I never touched chapatis. My grand-mom often complained that I was meant to be born into a Bengali or south Indian family. And stumbled into her home by mistake!
  • I am a compulsive reader. I read anything. Even paper cones in which we get ‘bhelpuri’ on beaches or those really boring company reports in my grand dad’s mail box.
  • I enjoy long walks. When I am angry, upset or happy. With my walking shoes on, My perspective on the world changes.

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