Against all odds

Untended Unexpected  Uncelebrated  Blooms life Against all odds!  Advertisements


Words, Words, Words These horrible, ugly words They cut, bruise and chill They cause hate and repel   Words, Words, Words These gorgeous, uplifting words They create, repair and heal They help to love and feel   Words, Words, Words They give and they steal Fictionalizing  truths Making  realities surreal   Words, Words, Words These…


Awakened rudely Hit by a jolt  Far from the shore In a boat of holes Rescue, I seek Yet behold nothing to hold to  But a rope Of empty words Knowing well The impeding end On hollow promises I depend This post written in response to today’s prompt ‘float’ on daily post . 


      Came across this Haiku Challenge in my friend Jacqueline’s blog. The weekly challenge is thrown by Ronovanwrites and the words this week were ‘water’ and ‘spin’

An Ode to the Old Year

Midway into December, I get a call from an unknown no. that flashes Scotland. Who do I know in  ‘Half the world away and at least twenty degrees colder Scotland?’ The only person that comes to my mind is Mukesh. I have never met Mukesh. Atleast not the way ‘met’ is understood traditionally.  I met…

WordPress and Me :)

I have  been blogging for about five or six months. In the initial months, I treated this more as a place to write whatever came to my mind. Never really thinking about the readers and other writers as a “community”. I would stop by and read posts by fellow bloggers but never ‘like’ or post…

Just another “Second Rate” Blogger!

Don’t you just hate it? When, after you  finish writing (what you thought) was an awesome blog. You scroll down to  the recommended links and it leads you to another blog on the same topic(and I mean exactly the same)! Only funnier, better more readable! Don’t you go, Oh! that’s what I wanted to say….