An Ode to the Old Year

Midway into December, I get a call from an unknown no. that flashes Scotland. Who do I know in  ‘Half the world away and at least twenty degrees colder Scotland?’ The only person that comes to my mind is Mukesh. I have never met Mukesh. Atleast not the way ‘met’ is understood traditionally.  I met…

Dragon For Tea : A haiku challenge

Came across this interesting Haiku Challenge based on a poem by Miss E – An Eight year old little girl. The two prompt words are ‘Dragon’ and ‘Invite’. Who could possibly pass up a challenge like that? Hope you like these Miss E 🙂


I remain still

Ignoring the throb in my shoulder

The Dress can be ‘Garbaged’

Couple of years back about this time I was raving and ranting about M leaving. It was all I could talk about or think about or ‘anything’ about. Two years hence I am ‘quieter’ ‘saner’ and infinitely ‘wiser’.

Which is to say…

A spoonfull of ‘mommy’ wisdom

My younger one – K is Nine now. I sure miss the days when I could scoop him up in my arms and cuddle him, rubbing my nose against the little hollow at the base of  his throat. It always brought out squeals of joy and shouts of mock anger “mumma let me down” that…

Taking a walk down memory lane …..

I look at the clock. Its 7:35. “If we don’t leave home in 5 we will be late for school” I shout. The children come hurriedly. K tucking his t-shirt in his barely fitting shorts. “Need to get him a new pair”, I make a mental note to myself in the ever-growing “to do” list….

Travel theme : “Rhythm”

Two years back, we undertook our first mega trip as a family. My daughter was 5, son just 4. Celebrating, our children’s growing out of “toddlerhood” , we chalked out an ambitious trip involving 5 cities in five countries of Europe. It was a crazy whirlwind affair.  Most of the time was spent on the…

“A Bookworm in Italy”

A  Long time ago, in Italy Lived a bookworm , who was such a “Cutie” That whenever, ‘it’ crawled from his vicinity The duke of Pisa, leaned out to pet  it Soon, the duke’s  tower began to lean dangerously So he asked the worm to stay in with him The worm thought long and deep…

The magical sea shell!

Sitting by the pristine white beach side… watching my daughter collect shells in her yellow sand play bucket… I begin to muse.  I am given to musing u see! I think, Aren’t we all like the small creatures of the sea? Like the snails , crabs, and the mollusks. We go through life, creating our…