Wake Up Calls

No one will refuse my dad water again!

Ode to the old year

A little girl makes headlines again

Another Girl – Another Headline

Don’t put the blame on me

What the hell is wrong with us?

Ten reasons why its ok to rape you – A handy guide for rape victims in India

Colours from god’s pallette

To the women of the world on women’s day

Reading Material

Bhaag India Bhaag

Does Education Worry You?

Don’t save water save Holi

Woman, Just look to the sky

Finding my special shine

Blueprint for change – Making a difference

The last tree standing – A story in verse

Celebrations that end – A real life story from tribal Maharashtra

The man in an Orange turban

‘Caught’ in the fringes of urban India

The face behind the cart – ‘Street markets’

‘My’ hands – ‘Your’ life

Satyame Jayate – Bane or Boon?

Two subjects

Look , I changed the newspaper

Are you listening Mrs. president?


A matter of shame