God Speaks


The world existed before you

And it will live long after;

The last sorry specimen of you  perish and leave.

I created you

Just as I created billions of other things before you

But you cast  me into molds

That fit your narrow imagination

Wind, birds and the trees were my voice

You gave me words confined to a language that you spoke

The books you worship in my name

Were written by you

Their thoughts and diktats

Your interpretation of what should be

You made ‘Sacred’; and You created ‘Sins’

I am free of ego, desires, pleasures and whims

I who gave innumerable forms to  countless things

What makes you think I will bound myself to a form?

I who have nothing to  be ashamed of

Why will I hide myself in a garb?

I am formless



Why will I confine myself to a shrine?

No matter, how spectacular!

Your words don’t hurt me

Your actions can not provoke me

You are but a blimp on the vast horizon of my time

For I am…


Eternal; Encompassing; Indestructible and








6 Comments Add yours

  1. matheikal says:

    Wonderful poem. God must indeed be sorry for creating the human race.

    1. May be or may be just mildly amused at our sense of self importance 😊 we are ridiculously full of ourselves , aren’t we ?

  2. Well yes. Do you ever wonder, God must weep at us.

    1. He must 😊 we give enough reason to

  3. malinymohan says:

    Beautiful poetry. I believe in God and His infinite power. The lines struck me deep.

    1. Me too … And oddly I believe in all religions and no religion at the same time . Glad you liked the lines 😊

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