Dragon For Tea : A haiku challenge

Came across this interesting Haiku Challenge based on a poem by Miss E – An Eight year old little girl. The two prompt words are ‘Dragon’ and ‘Invite’. Who could possibly pass up a challenge like that? Hope you like these Miss E 🙂

Dragon Haiku 1

picmonkey dragon zimeta deviantart


Dragon Haiku 2

picmonkey dragon zimeta


Dragon Haiku 3




 Would love to know which one you prefer. 




Picture courtesy:

valdosta.com; ember_snow.deviantart.com; Zimata.deviantart,com;Thedragonfanclub.deviantart.com







12 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the middle one – can apply to all human dragons! I will ask Miss E which one she likes and get back to you. Thank you for taking up her challenge and running with it so beautifully. We have had such fun with this! Ronovan rocks! and so do you!!!! ❤ 😀

    1. You got it absolutely right! Human dragons are what I was thinking of when I wrote that one! I like to believe that even the fiercest ones have hearts of gold .

  2. How fearful words, waiting to spit fire though your words!

    1. Ha ha! Never been accused of being fearful before .

      1. Lol!! I am not!!!

      2. Not – what? Accusing me of being fearful or not fearful yourself 😳

  3. All three haiku are good! Well done. Love the illustrations too.

  4. Janice says:

    Great colourful presentation! I like all three and can’t decide between #2 and #3 as faves.

    1. Thanks Janice 🙂 I like 2 and 3 too

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