Words, Words, Words

These horrible, ugly words

They cut, bruise and chill

They cause hate and repel

Words, Words, Words

These gorgeous, uplifting words

They create, repair and heal

They help to love and feel

Words, Words, Words

They give and they steal

Fictionalizing  truths

Making  realities surreal

Words, Words, Words

These crazy, stupid words

Though honest and real

Truths they  seldom reveal

Words, Words, Words

These  enigmatic, dolled up words

Appearing suave and genteel

Mere instruments to cut deals

Words, words, Words

These mighty, powerful words

Ruthless, made of steel

To your power we kneel

I have joined the National poetry writing month. The prompt today was  to write a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view.The above is my take on ‘Words’ .


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lazychilly says:

    Words, words, words, Sapney, you have them all, for every mood, for every feel….let’s exchange words, let’s deal words, let’s scramble, unscramble words. and then, where to, once we’ve exhausted them?

    1. Kay, Usually words exhaust people 🙄😜

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