My skin

Finally caught up! the last from the pending assignments of week one.
Prompt: skin         Form: prose      Device: internal rhyme

It tells me all I need to know – My skin. That person there, sitting on the back seat pretending he is fast asleep. He is a creep it screams with goosebumps . And that one right there – the one with the innocent boyish smile. That one needs to be feared. Yes the smile is genuine but it has a power, power to make you weak. A weakness that you do not need. Not now! Not ever! It tells me with a shiver. My skin – it speaks, It speaks of times gone by. It speaks of tenderness and care. The touch of my mother. So long ago, the memory barely there. And yet it remembers. Somewhere in its blemished, calloused folds – it remembers and craves. Craves not in a pounding, throbbing way but in a duller subtler way. Like an ache so mild that I do not realize it exists until it dissipates. For a moment. For a moment, when you lie next to me , your baby – soft , dimpled skin touching my limp, lined one. It tells me , it is whole again and luminescent and unrestrained. My skin – It overflows, expands, heaving little sighs of happiness. The knots untie, the bruises heal and the years of craving are fulfilled. My skin – it becomes perfect –  just for a moment right there!


11 Comments Add yours

  1. jessicash24 says:

    Wow this is amazing.I love it. Written in such beautiful words.

    1. Thank Jessicash24 🙂 I like this one too.

  2. Kathy says:

    Great writing. Your imagery throughout is strong.

    1. Thank you Kathy. Feel great seeing you again.

  3. “My skin- it speaks; speaks of time gone by”. Beautiful poetry. Awesome extension of theme and imagination. People will have to ponder and put a bit more to understand though:-)

    From literary perspective- 10/10.

  4. Wonderful writing. Beautiful imagery. I wandered with you. Yes, just yes our skin tells us so much.

    1. Thank you Valentine … I am glad to see you.

  5. Madan Saxena says:

    वाह . बहुत उम्दा,

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