The Day of Divisions – When the faces came off

“A Day of Divisions” – A ‘Found Poetry’ on The Dadri Beef Lynching Case

A Day Of Divisions

Another Ordinary day had almost drawn to an end

Dinner was well over

And lights were being switched off

In the village

He was chatting with his family

There was a sense of revelry

Within the walls of the Blacksmith’s home

He had a lot to be thankful about

A little distance away

Two young boys, maybe three

Three young boys, maybe two

Were sitting and chatting too

In the labyrinthine maze of half-fulfilled dreams

Tomorrow held little promise and no relief

No relief and little promise held tomorrow

From the drudgery of everyday existence

When they saw a dog wrestle with a packet of bones

A packet of bones they saw the dog wrestled with

The loudspeaker magnified the message

A cow had been slaughtered

The ‘proof’ was enough for the neighbours

The same neighbours who had embraced him on Eid

Three days back and

Complimented his mother for the tasty mutton

Suddenly turned blood thirsty

Blood thirsty they turned suddenly

Neighbours became killers

Killers became neighbours



All faces wore masks

All masks were removed



Day Six of Writing 201 : poetry presented the following challenge.

Prompt : Faces           Form: Found Poetry       Device: Chiasmus

For me this was the most difficult challenge till now. I used an article from Hindustan Times October 11, 2015

I went about it in the traditional way. All words (excepts masks)  used in the poem have been cut out from a single newspaper article. I have only taken the liberty to rearrange them.

found poetry

18 Comments Add yours

  1. lavanya99 says:

    Hey! Your posts totally awe me and are incredibly good always. Reasoning thus, I’ve nominated you for a lovely blogger’s award. Please do visit my blog for the same.:-)

    1. Thank you so much lavanya for the award. It is very sweet of you to consider giving it to me. Will visit your blog to pick it up soon . 😊

      1. lavanya99 says:

        You’re welcome!:-) you deserve it!

  2. rosemawrites says:

    Oh wow. You have made a gripping story. Great job!

    1. Thank you ! I was lucky to find an article that worked perfectly … 😊

      1. It is! Happened just three days back here in india. It is a gripping story in any case .

  3. chbrown6 says:

    You did an incredibly amazing job. The found poetry is just amazing. It works so perfectly as a poem.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I was lucky to find an article that rendered itself beautifully to poetry… My first attempt so I am quite thrilled .

  4. It remind me of Indian lyricist and poet Gulzaar. When he wrote a song, “mera kuchh samaan….”, a celebrity composer remarked, “Now you began giving me newspaper script to compose”. The song became a hit classic later. Words are right there. It needs an empathy and sense of poetry to arrange them.

  5. calmkate says:

    Very powerful poetry and more powerful social comment – amazing! Thank you

    1. Thank you calm Kate … I love the name 😊 lovely to have you stop by

  6. Quite creative and captivating.

    1. Thank you 😊 glad to have you here

      1. You are most welcome 🙂

  7. I didn’t know that Dr jha 😊 thank you for the kind words and the snippet about one of my favourite songs 😊

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