The Word Eating Mongoose

He peeped at me , from behind the stone

As if asking, what I was doing in his home

I offered him a Chocolate treat

Sort of like a ‘Thank-you for having me over’ gift

The chocolate he scorned at

“Even mongoose ‘ave got to maintain their weight

Besides the give  and take must be fair

My wonderful home with you I share”

He most definitely had a point there

“What is it that you really love?”, Mr mongoose asked

“Words” I said without a doubt

“Words make my world go round”

“And are those words?”

He asked curiously

Pointing to the diary next to me

Most definitely “Yes”

I nodded triumphantly

“A poem I just wrote” I replied pleasantly

“Well then that’s what I want!”

And before I could tender a reply

He hurried near me and sat nigh

Eating the words like they were pie

These are delicious he said munching on my words

Plaintively I said “That was the first verse”

“The second I’m sure will be even better”, he said

Delicately he went through the entire page

Dabbing politely on commas and nibbling at Collocates

His table manners, I couldn’t but help appreciate

As he came to the last verse he declared

“This was heavier than I anticipated”

“Words lady would you greatly mind

If I could take the rest of your rhyme

‘ome, for the little ones?

I am sure they will appreciate the ‘puns'”

And thus he slid gracefully by

Just before disappearing at the precipice

He gallantly said “To see you again I will be pleased”

“But kindly will you consider to write

Next time something  short and light

You see, from tomorrow I am on a diet!”



The morning trek in the hills brought me a ‘mongoose’ today. That and the Shel Silverstein poem I came across yesterday inspired this. Summer holidays are finally here and the kids will soon be home. Looking forward to two months of fun filled non-sense  🙂 

























4 Comments Add yours

  1. Neelesh Mirajkar says:

    Nice one !! It brought a smile on my lips !

    1. When is a smile ever far from your lips Neelesh 😊

  2. mohipals says:

    I never knew words could be eaten…
    Very nice flavour…
    Keep it going…

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