Matchbox homes

Matchbox homes

piled up high

guarded doors

reticent windows


cautious curtains


frantic heart beats

desperate sighs

not a friendly face

I spy


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  1. Vikram says:


  2. This poem tells lot of things about life in match box size homes and what goes inside, adulterated love, angst, and pain. Superbly narrated.

    1. Thanks Vishal! Good to see you here 😊

      1. It’s always a pleasure to read you:)

      2. 😊😊that’s sweet !

  3. Amira says:

    wow! that image itself makes me feel claustrophobic.
    this is yet another aspect of my country, my Maldives, that saddens me.
    No more front yards or back yards, or gardens, or open spaces… everyone wants a piece of the city – for understable reasons, for jobs, for education, for prosperity…
    But it should not be the case isn’t it?
    Our thoughts and our emotions are as boxed as our way of living embraced in matchbox homes …
    nicely written Sapna.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Superb !!!

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